アルファベット順。日本語の原書名がある場合のみ「 」に記入。

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English text for bilingual volume prepared by Arrow Art Works Col., Ltd. Text by Hisao Taki, et al.

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Mazda Motor Corporation-sponsored Culture Series. Texts by Yoshida Mitsukuni (マツダ・カルチャー・シリーズ 吉田光邦): The Wheel: A Japanese History (1981); The Compact Culture: The Ethos of Japanese Life (1982); The Hybrid Culture (1984); The Culture of Anima (1985); Hiroshima and Beyond: A Heritage of Technology (1985); The People's Culture (1986); Harmony with Nature: A Heritage of Craftsmanship (1986); Asobi: The Sensibilities at Play (1987); Naorai: Communion of the Table (1989); Tsukuru: Aesthetics at Work (1991); Wabi, Sabi, Suki (1992).

Copies are available from CIC for the following titles. For more information, write to cic@gol.com:

  • The Wheel
  • Tsukuru
  • Asobi
  • People's Culture

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Turning Point: Oribe and the Arts of Sixteenth-Century Japan. Edited by Miyeko Murase. (New York: Yale University Press, 2003).
< >
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See http://www.miho.or.jp/english/inform/new.htm.

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< >
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The Japan Forum (財団法人国際文化フォーラム). Takarabako, Quarterly English-language newsletter. August 1997-2011. 翻訳・校閲(translation/editorial services). With No. 28 (June 2011), Takarabako is no longer published in print. The same features and content will be found from now on at the website "Click Japan" http://www.tjf.or.jp/clicknippon/en/

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Bilingual Typesetting Coordination

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